Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Healthcare

Cerebral Palsy

early detection for newborns.

early detection solutions for newborns.

Cloud-based artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Healthcare

Our artificial intelligence-based system that can anticipate cerebral palsy disease in newborns


Sema Gül Türk

She is an academician at 19 Mayıs Univercity since 2014. She focuses on the field of neuroscience studying neuro-developmental disorders in infants and children such as cerebral palsy, minor neurological deficit, metabolic disorders, developmental retardation, and Down syndrome. She participated various national and international education programmes while continuing her studies. She applied to Tübitak by producing solutions to make at-risk inftant patients’ early diagnosis and early intervention and received positive response. With the support from Tübitak she started her company in January 2020, intending to develop a system that can detect position and motion in infant patients.